The Apprenticeship Program

8th Light offers a step on the pathway to mastery through apprenticeship.

Program Types

Student Apprenticeship

The student apprenticeship is an introduction to software craftsmanship. Recent college graduates, code school graduates, and career changers enter the path to becoming craftsmen here.

In this three-month, unpaid apprenticeship, you focus on simple exercises and programs that help you learn the fundamentals of software. You learn about programming languages, design patterns, and simple programming techniques.

The format is classroom-style instruction followed by individual or group exercises. 8th Light craftsmen lead the lectures, and 8th Light residents answer questions and provide feedback on your exercises. The program requires 30-40 hours per week.

Once you have completed this apprenticeship, you are able to apply for the resident apprenticeship at 8th Light or continue your path elsewhere. Your mentor helps you make the decision that is the best next step for you.

Resident Apprenticeship

For most programmers, the resident apprenticeship is the pathway to becoming an 8th Light craftsman. Computer Science graduates, programmers with a couple of years experience, or exceptional self-taught programmers all enter the path to becoming craftsmen here.

Residencies vary in length from three to 12 months based on your mentor’s assessment. A small salary (with benefits) is provided as you learn multiple programming languages, design principles, test-driven development, clean architecture, and software development processes.

As your mentor guides you through learning all of the skills needed to begin a career as a professional software craftsman, you work individually and in small internal teams to hone your skills. You will spend 40 hours per week in the office, but are expected to spend much more time at home reading, blogging, and coding.

The residency culminates in a set of challenges that a review board of 8th Light craftsmen use to determine whether you are qualified to join the team long-term.

Craftsman Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are not just for beginners. A craftsman apprenticeship is a crash course in the 8th Light way of doing software. If you have the skills and discipline of a software craftsman, this apprenticeship prepares you culturally for becoming an 8th Light craftsman.

Craftsman apprenticeships are three months in length. With full salary and benefits, you work alongside 8th Light craftsmen on project teams while also completing side projects on your own.

Each craftsman apprenticeship is different. Your mentor uses the experiences and skills you bring to determine what you learn. Expect to spend 60 hours or more per week on the apprenticeship.

At the end of the apprenticeship, you complete a set of challenges that a review board of 8th Light craftsmen use to determine whether you are qualified to join the team long-term.

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