Angelique Martin, Chief Financial Officer

Angelique Martin

Chief Financial Officer

Angelique Martin has been part of 8th Light’s team since the company was founded. As the CFO, she manages the financial departments in all of 8th Light’s four locations. She forecasts, budgets, controls, reports to the stakeholders, provides risk management assessments, and helps steer the company’s growth in a positive direction. Additionally, she helps manage and coordinate the company’s human resources and legal departments. She is a part-owner, and serves on 8th Light’s Board of Directors.

Angelique has worked for 8th Light since its inception, and has been actively involved in the growth of the Software Craftsmanship community.

Angelique is passionate about providing a healthy and positive working environment for 8th Light’s employees, its community, and its clients. She began working in the software industry in 2000 when she worked with the pioneers of XP and Agile methodologies at Object Mentor, and she has been heavily involved in the community of software craftsmanship ever since. She has organized eight software conferences, including Software Craftsmanship North America from 2010-2013, and XP Agile Universe from 2001-2003.

Previously, Angelique was the Business Manager at Object Mentor, and served as the Organization Chair of XP/Agile Universe. She received her M.B.A. from Bloomsburg University in 1999, her Diplome de Grande Ecole in Finance from ICN France in 2000, and her Mathematics Secondary Teaching Certification from the University of Illinois in 2009. She speaks French, Spanish, English, Latin, and Greek, and has also studied Chinese. She has been profiled in CEOCFO Magazine, and was interviewed for the Ugtastic video series.