Brian Pratt, Software Craftsman

Brian Pratt

Software Craftsman

8th Light Craftsman since May 1st, 2011

Brian joined 8th Light’s apprenticeship program in September 2010, to study with Paul Pagel.

During his apprenticeship, Brian kick-started development of 8th Light’s internal project management and billing application, which he still oversees today.

As a craftsman, Brian has spent the majority of his time working in payment processing, backed primarily by Ruby. While Ruby is Brian’s “main squeeze,” he’s always willing to dig in and learn new things: with this particular project, he estimates that he wrote production code in 8 languages.

In his personal projects, Brian has continued to spend time working with Ruby and Rails, but has expanded his technological literacy to include Redis and a number of NoSQL data stores, as well as continued with his interest in learning iOS and mobile development.

Brian has never seen a dotfile he didn’t like, and as such, he spends an inordinate amount of time obsessing over his text editor (Vim) and console (zsh/tmux) configurations.

When not programming, Brian can usually be found strumming a guitar. His other interests include cooking and video games.