Colin Jones, Director of Software Services

Colin Jones

Director of Software Services

Colin Jones is an experienced software craftsman who frequently contributes to the software craftsmanship community both inside and outside of 8th Light. Drawing from his teaching experience and technical knowledge, he wrote , published by Pragmatic Bookshelf. The book leads readers from a basic level of Clojure knowledge to understanding how and why to use Clojure macros, one of the language’s most powerful features.

Although he has a strong background in Clojure and Ruby, Colin is very much a generalist who is comfortable working in many different languages and with many different technologies.

On recent projects, he has focused on security and reliability issues in distributed systems. He has built loosely-coupled, algorithm-heavy data pipelines for geospatial, scheduling, and search engine applications.

At one of our largest clients, he was a founding member of a team focused on user security, authentication, and extracting a service from a monolithic application. He helped to convert a batch billing process to a more responsive, event-driven process that improved customer experience significantly. He also debugged and fixed tricky issues across several systems as part of a strike team in support of the client’s customer service department. He also designed and built an internal billing application to authenticate users and generate PDFs based on project details.

Colin’s early experience was in the front-end arena, where he built out designers’ visions in standards-compliant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and he continues to apply that knowledge as standards and technologies evolve. Most recently he built a highly extensible data modeling web app using ClojureScript and built several iOS applications that interacted with Ruby and Clojure web services. He also built a desktop management system that interacted with OS-level APIs for Windows and OSX, with an embedded web server to enable configurable HTML, CSS, and JavaScript user interfaces.

Colin also devotes a significant amount of time to the broader software community. He is a frequent contributor to open source projects, including Clojure Koans, REPLy, consistency_fail, and Leiningen.He helps organize 8th Light’s company-wide open source initiative, called Waza, and started an internal reading group to learn about and discuss reliable, fast, and secure distributed systems.

In addition to open source projects, Colin has given presentations at numerous conferences and user groups. He has also delivered several training courses, including Refactoring & Test-Driven Development, Object-Oriented Principles, and both introductory and advanced Clojure workshops.

As Director of Software Services at 8th Light’s Libertyville office, Colin is also heavily involved with the company’s craftsman mentoring program by helping craftsmen create concrete and actionable goals for their professional development.

Colin studied music and mathematics at Vanderbilt University before earning his Master’s Degree in Trumpet Performance at the University of Georgia.