Colin Jones, Director of Software Services

Colin Jones

Director of Software Services

Colin joined 8th Light as a Ruby on Rails developer and HTML/CSS slicer and dicer who wanted to learn object-oriented principles and test-driven development through 8th Light's groundbreaking apprenticeship program, with the guidance of Micah Martin. He has since worked on projects ranging from a widely-distributed desktop management system, to a very large daily deals website, to iOS apps backed by web applications, and services for startups.

He is especially interested in functional languages like Clojure, and has a growing interest in web application security.

Colin has worked extensively on open source projects like Clojure Koans, REPLy, Consistency Fail, and Leiningen.He has given talks and workshops about Clojure at the Agile Conference, Clojure/West, and Chicago Code Camp, along with several Chicago-area user groups.

Colin studied music and mathematics as an undergraduate at Vanderbilt, and completed a Master's Degree in Trumpet Performance at the University of Georgia.