Dariusz Pasciak, Software Craftsman

Dariusz Pasciak

Software Craftsman

Dariusz loves puzzles. It started with logic puzzles in math club, which blossomed into his first college computer science course, and has extended into a career as a software craftsman.

At 8th Light, Dariusz has experienced the difference that craftsmanship can make to a client. It means creating software that contains everything the client needs with no extraneous elements bogging down the program. It is sleek, functional, and beautiful. It is the difference between a finely tailored suit and an off-the-rack jacket. The off-the-rack item is going to work, but will never fit as well as the tailored software.

Dariusz received his B.S. in Computer Science in 2007, and M.S. in Software Engineering in 2009, both from DePaul University.