Dave Moore, Software Craftsman

Dave Moore

Software Craftsman

8th Light Craftsman since January 16th, 2012

Dave built his first application as a freshman in high school, and soon exhausted the list of programming classes his school offered. He then started entering national programming competitions in Java and C#. Soon after, he took his first job as a web application developer.

His job inspired him to get a business degree and sales certificate from Northern Illinois University. His electives were loaded up with computer science classes.

His experience as a software craftsman has shown him that simplification is his trade. A craftsman doesn't build an elaborate solution to a problem, jamming it up with bells and whistles that don't relate to the actual problem. He finds the simplest solution to the problem. Often the simplest solution is also the most flexible. A flexible solution lends itself to growth, development, and extra value for the client.

Dave has experience in Ruby, Clojure, JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, and Objective-C.