Dave Moore, Director of Software Services

Dave Moore

Director of Software Services

8th Light Craftsman since January 16th, 2012

Dave is the Director of Software Services for 8th Light’s Los Angeles office.

Over the last year, Dave served as the lead project manager for 8th Light’s studio team. He held extensive meetings with new clients, and then developed plans to translate their ideas into concrete, deliverable software that would accomplish their goals. He then bootstrapped each project, and coordinated and prioritized the team’s workflow. This has fluctuated between one and four projects, each requiring between one and six developers at a time.

Dave began developing software in high school, and qualified for multiple national software competitions in Java development and software engineering before going on to graduate from Northern Illinois University with a degree in business. He opened his own software company after college, and developed websites and apps for mom-and-pop shops prior to accepting a position at 8th Light.

On his first project with 8th Light, Dave gained experience in a distributed systems environment and working at a massive scale. Instead of adding new features to a poorly designed Rails app that was pivotal to a large e-commerce site, Dave helped rewrite the entire application in Clojure before the monthly renewal phase went into effect.

A polyglot, Dave has demonstrated an ability to learn new languages quickly. He has worked professionally with Ruby, Clojure, JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, and Objective-C. He has given presentations on building websites in Clojure, a two-part presentation on cacheing in web applications, and organized a panel of opinions on learning. He has also contributed open source projects that simplify the process to serve data, a Ruby Sandbox to help start Ruby projects, and a gem dependency to help navigate data structures.