Doug Bradbury, Director of Software Services

Doug Bradbury

Director of Software Services

Doug opened 8th Light’s Chicago office alongside CEO Paul Pagel. He began work for the company’s second client, and wrote the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship. He is a part-owner of 8th Light, and serves on the company’s Board of Directors.

As Director of Software Services for 8th Light’s Chicago office, Doug meets with clients to determine their needs, perform system audits, and develop potential solutions for their problems. He chooses language frameworks conducive to these solutions, and directs software architecture and design throughout their implementation. He trains project leads, and provides support for the teams he assembles specially for each project.

But while he is active in sales and managerial meetings, Doug’s real passion is in building. He prioritizes a transparent process that uses only the tools necessary to complete a task effectively.

Doug’s expertise is in Ruby, C++, and Java, though he has also worked professionally in Clojure, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, JRuby, C, Perl, and Embedded Linux. He has also worked in Backbone.js, Qt, Ruby on Rails, Fitnesse, CPPUNIT, JUNIT, RSpec, and Limelight frameworks; as well as Arduino and Raspberry Pi frameworks.

Doug has mentored several of 8th Light’s current craftsmen, and gives presentations on acceptance testing. He earned his Bachelor of Science with Honors in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois in 2002.