Eric Meyer, Software Craftsman

Eric Meyer

Software Craftsman

Eric Meyer is an experienced maker who loves the tactile feeling that comes with creating software and immediately seeing its results. Lately, this has led him to dive deep into mobile development—it has a GUI built right in. He built a port to an Android application for an existing iOS application, and worked as a tech lead to develop additional iOS features that interacted with a Ruby on Rails server that he also built.

Eric is also interested in the internationalization of web applications. He internationalized a large-scale Rails application, and developed additional tools, including an ETL tool to migrate data between the different Salesforce instances. He gives presentations on internationalization, and built a set of open source development tools for internationalizing Ruby projects.

At heart, however, Eric is a generalist who has experience tackling many challenging software problems. Working on an internal system, Eric altered architectural components and contributed to an automated sign-up program in Ruby. He also helped replace an existing PHP application with a large-scale Ruby on Rails app for a national networking company, and helped write a program in Clojure that tested and tracked progress for fire pumps, fire hydrants, and water mains.

Eric served as technical lead on a project that automated a certification process for PCI compliance in a Ruby on Rails app. He also coordinated communication between a web application and a messaging queue in a service-oriented architecture.

Eric gives talks on automated testing for iOS, and has presented at numerous conferences, including Agile Conference, CocoaConf, and WindyCityGO, among others. He has worked professionally in Android, Java, Objective C, Ruby, JavaScript, and Clojure, and built an open source port of acceptance testing framework.

He earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign in 2008.