Jim Suchy, Director of Software Services

Jim Suchy

Director of Software Services

8th Light Craftsman since January 15th, 2007

Jim's specialties include Ruby, C++, and Java. Before joining 8th Light, he built software products for window and door manufacturers, and worked as a consultant in the insurance, real estate, health-care, and manufacturing industries. At 8th Light, he has contributed to projects such as the Fidelity Life project, Limelight, and CSlim. To Jim, creating software is more than just following the client's orders. It is constructing a solution to problems that may not be obvious at first glance. It is this dedication and skill at client collaboration that has put him in a leadership role in many of 8th Light's most important projects.

In 2010, Jim co-founded the McHenry Software Craftsmanship User Group which he continues to help organize.

Jim is a 2001 graduate of the University of Illinois, with a B.S. in Math and in Computer Science.