Jim Suchy, Director of Software Services

Jim Suchy

Director of Software Services

Jim Suchy is a software generalist who enjoys the process of discovering a client’s needs and developing a plan that provides the client with the most value possible. Jim is a part-owner of 8th Light, and opened the company’s London office in early 2014.

Jim helped build one of the first decoupled Ruby on Rails apps. The life-insurance app was massively distributed, scaled horizontally, and shortened a weeks-long application process to under an hour.

Working in a studio setting alongside other 8th Light craftsmen, Jim also helped build a Clojure application that coordinated calendar data with street and real-time traffic data to generate and push notifications to a custom iOS application. The system’s architecture was built to anticipate and scale with many users. He also contributed to a highly scalable and highly secure payment processing application.

Jim built a custom Content Management System that could host and facilitate the backend functionality for an historic museum’s website. He also used Test Driven Development to build out a JavaScript-intensive front end that optimized load time for many high resolution images.

As a Director of Software Services, Jim has provided technical guidance and strategy for six to eight different client projects simultaneously. He provides a high-level analysis of each project, and helps develop a plan that ensures his team is providing as much value to his clients as possible. Jim also mentors the craftsmen on each project, and has used this experience to prepare for his many training and coaching gigs. Jim hosts classroom trainings and coaching sessions on Java, Object Oriented Programming, software design, and Test Driven Development.

Before moving to open 8th Light’s London office, Jim ran two user groups in the Chicago area: ChiSC and SC McHenry County. He received his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2001.