Micah Martin, Chairman of the Board

Micah Martin

Chairman of the Board

8th Light Craftsman since September 1st, 2006

In his eleven years of experience, Micah has become a leader in the software industry and has shifted dozens of companies to Agile.

He's given lectures around the world in front of packed audiences on topics like Object Oriented Design and Extreme Programming and was a principle author, publisher and signatory of the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship.

Micah started his career at Object Mentor where he had the opportunity to learn from the best developers in the industry.

While there, he wrote dozens of applications in Java, Ruby, C++, Python and C# and developed a love of teaching while working as an instructor and consultant.

Perhaps best known for his open source work, Micah was the primary author of FitNesse and Limelight.

Micah received his Bachelor's in Computer Science and Math from University of Illinois, Chicago in 2001.