Mike Jansen, Vice President of Operations

Mike Jansen

Vice President of Operations

Mike Jansen helps to provide the best possible environment for software craftsmanship throughout every level of 8th Light. He provides a broad assessment of craftsmanship throughout the company, while still providing individual attention to the career paths of the company’s individual craftswomen and craftsmen.

Mike provides daily support and guidance to 8th Light’s continuing education initiatives. He oversees and reviews 8th Light’s apprenticeship program from the application process through completion, and facilitates continual learning for 8th Light’s craftsmen and craftswomen. He directs 8th Light’s craftsman mentoring program, organizing and evaluating one-on-one meetings and quarterly goal reviews. He also leads and organizes 8th Light University, the company’s weekly series of workshops and presentations. In 2013, he served on the program committee for Software Craftsmanship North America, a software craftsmanship conference sponsored by 8th Light.

Before becoming Vice President of Operations, Mike built experience in every type of project at 8th Light, small and large. He worked as a consultant, project lead, director, trainer, and as a developer on 8th Light’s studio projects, in which an internal team serves as the client’s entire IT team. He has also managed large teams as project lead and developer on several large-scale web applications for some of 8th Light’s largest clients. Mike worked as a developer alongside a client’s team to transition their flagship application from Java to Ruby, and later restructured the team to accommodate the increasing responsibilities and demands of the rapidly growing business.

In the years prior to 8th Light, Mike worked at a large health-care company in Madison, Wis., as a technical coordinator and team lead. He managed a team of six, and oversaw the successful technical launch of a multi-year, multi-million dollar medical software installation for a 900-bed hospital organization.

He has worked professionally with Ruby, Java, JavaScript, and Clojure, and uses this hands-on experience to inform his methods of teaching and leading groups of people with different technical backgrounds.

Mike teaches two- to five-day courses on topics ranging from object-oriented development, test-driven development, SOLID principles, Java, C#, and Ruby. He also has given presentations on topics like The Master Craftsmen, Framework Counseling, Backbone.js basics, and Backbone with Rails.

Mike graduated from Northwestern University in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in Latin.