Mike Jansen, Vice President of Operations

Mike Jansen

Vice President of Operations

8th Light Craftsman since August 1st, 2011

Since joining 8th Light in 2011, Mike Jansen has been project lead and developer on several large-scale web applications for some of 8th Light’s largest clients. He has worked professionally with Ruby, Java, JavaScript, and Clojure, and uses this hands-on experience to inform his methods of teaching and leading groups of people with different technical backgrounds.

Mike teaches two- to five-day courses on topics ranging from object-oriented development, test-driven development, SOLID principles, Java, C#, and Ruby. Additionally, Mike organizes the 8th Light University meetups, and served on the program committee for SCNA in 2013.

Prior to joining 8th Light, Mike worked at a large health-care company in Madison, Wis. Mike led a group of 20 in a multi-year project for the install, configuration, and maintenance of the company’s software as a Technical Coordinator.

Since becoming a craftsman, Mike has mentored three apprentices who are now currently software craftsmen at 8th Light: Mike Ebert, Taryn Sauer, and Meagan Waller.

Mike graduated from Northwestern University in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in Latin. He has presented on topics like The Master Craftsmen, Framework Counseling, Backbone.js basics, and Backbone with Rails.