Nick Meccia, UX Craftsman

Nick Meccia

UX Craftsman

8th Light Craftsman since July 16th, 2012

Nick Meccia began his career in design at an early age with the publication of "Turtles to the Rescue," drawn in crayon by his four-year-old hands, and typeset and bound by his mother. His primary instruction in design took place at the University of Illinois, where he graduated with Bachelor's of Arts Degrees in Graphic Design and Painting.

Following an excursion as a freelancer, Nick found himself as an apprentice at 8th Light under mentors Eric Meyer, Billy Whited, and Micah Martin, where he learned HTML, CSS, a modicum of Ruby, and how to control his computer by typing words instead of by pointing and clicking.

Nick's craftsmanship lays in communicating the software's nature to the user. A user's first glance at a piece of software is vitally important. It can either tell them that what they are about to do is going to be easy, or it can tell them they are about to go through an ordeal. Regardless of how the software functions, the design is going to be the first experience that user has. It is important that the design live up to the functionality.

When Nick is not working creatively at 8th Light, he is addicted to creating everything else, with such tools as ink, words, food, and every musical instrument.