Paul Pagel, CEO and Co-founder

Paul Pagel

CEO and Co-founder

8th Light Craftsman since September 1st, 2006

Paul is an 8-year veteran of the software industry and among the first formally trained craftsmen. Before co-founding 8th Light, he spent several years apprenticing under the esteemed developers at Object Mentor.

He has been a driving force in the software craftsmanship movement. In 2008, he organized the first Software Craftsmanship Summit and later contributed to the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship.

Today, he promotes growth in the software craftsmanship community by providing apprenticeships to aspiring developers.

According to Paul, craftsmanship is a combination of patience, discipline, and empathy. A craftsman needs to be patient and remain calm when under pressure. While in a patient frame of mind the craftsman will be able to focus on his technique and create a solid solution to a client problem. The problem will be known, because the craftsman was empathetic to the client's needs. When these traits are combined with programming skill, any problem can be solved.

Paul is well versed in Ruby, Java, C# and Rails and has contributed to a variety of projects including, most notably, the Fidelity Life application, which is one of the largest Ruby systems in existence.

Paul received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from DePaul University in 2005.