Stephanie Briones, Director of Design Services

Stephanie Briones

Director of Design Services

8th Light Craftsman since March 26th, 2012

Stephanie was born and raised in the Florida Panhandle. There, she became involved with the local music scene and designed websites, album covers, and flyers for bands. Art and design had always felt like more of a hobby for her until 2010.

After moving to Chicago, she began teaching herself HTML and CSS out of curiosity. She fell in love with the ability to bring her ideas and passion for design to the web, and accepted an apprenticeship at 8th Light in 2011 under Billy Whited. Immediately she felt at home.

Stephanie believes that great design is all in the details. She sees each and every project as an opportunity to learn and grow, to challenge, and be challenged.

She enjoys living in Chicago, drinking coffee, and playing "Super Mario Bros." (especially "Super Mario Bros. 3") as often as possible.