Stephanie Briones, Director of Design Services

Stephanie Briones

Director of Design Services

Stephanie is a detail-oriented designer who loves building designs from scratch, though she also has extensive experience retooling the look and feel of existing applications.

Stephanie is adept at creating aesthetic solutions that enhance functionality and simplify information. She enjoys exploring new layouts, colors, and type, and creating minimal designs that provide holistic user experiences by displaying information only when users need to see it.

As Director of Design Services, Stephanie is responsible for ensuring the successful delivery of all of 8th Light’s design projects. In order to establish and meet these standards, Stephanie is heavily involved in sales meetings and project staffing. She meets with clients until she has a full understanding of a project’s needs, and then plots a plan for implementing a design that works.

Stephanie and her team work with developers to deliver functionality and design at the same time. She is proficient with HTML and CSS, and has worked on projects of all sizes and in many different development environments, including Clojure, Rails, Objective C, and Python.

Stephanie reviews all design apprentice candidates, and gives presentations and workshops on Sass, CSS, and modern web design for both developer- and design-conscious audiences.