Susan Rosso, Director of Administration

Susan Rosso

Director of Administration

Susan Rosso has worked in office administration for 20 years, and began working at 8th Light when the company had just 15 employees. Administration is a field of varied responsibilities, ranging from human resources to accounting, customer support, and property management. Susan’s diverse experience allows her to handle the countless unique issues that pop up from day to day, and continue to change as the company continues to grow.

As Director of Administration, Susan ensures the Libertyville, Chicago, and Los Angeles offices run smoothly. Susan is passionate about providing an ideal working environment for 8th Light’s craftsmen. She supervises and performs administrative duties like bookkeeping, event planning, facilities management, and travel arrangements. Additionally, she tracks office expenses, invoices, accounts receivable, and accounts payable; updates accounting software; manages purchase and receipt verifications; orders office supplies; and coordinates onboarding procedures for new hires.

Outside of the normal workday, Susan also helps organize and host internal and external events, including code retreats, Software Craftsmanship North America conferences, and the weekly 8th Light University series.

Susan began her career in administration at Object Mentor, Inc. Since then, she has helped organize and host several software craftsmanship conferences, including eXtreme Programming 2000, Agile Methodologies: XP Universe 2001, XP Agile Universe 2003, and Software Craftsmanship North America since 2011.