Wai Lee Chin Feman, Software Craftsman

Wai Lee Chin Feman

Software Craftsman

8th Light Craftsman since April 16th, 2012

Wai Lee was introduced to programming during a Java course in high school. It was a seed that took its time to sprout, as he went on to study applied mathematics in college. In those math classes, he was introduced to C and Scheme, and his interest in programming grew from there. After meeting several 8th Lighters at a Clojure meet-up, Wai Lee began an apprenticeship under Micah Martin, and later accepted a position as a software craftsman.

In his time at 8th Light, Wai Lee has seen that his responsibilities include not just the writing of code, but also communicating with clients about that code. A professional approach to communication based on transparency is the best way to start a project. The most frightening step is the first, so communication is the best way to get a project moving.

Outside of work, he enjoys skateboarding, cycling, working on Project Euler, and playing "Dungeons & Dragons."

Wai Lee received his B.S. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Chicago in 2010.